We put you at the heart of everything we do. When it comes to your health and your smile, it’s always personal. We understand the need to feel at ease, to communicate and to understand.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-rays are computer-generated images that we use to see your teeth and surrounding structures. Unlike traditional X-rays, Digital X-rays are quicker, more convenient and emit a lesser percentage of radiation.

Health & Safety

Our practices are kitted out with all the most advanced sterilisation equipment, to ensure you are safe at all times.

Quality Materials

We only use quality dental materials and products as our patients deserve the best results with the most durability possible.

Conservative Dentistry

We maintain our philosophy to practice minimally invasive procedures. We will always try our best to save and preserve your natural tooth structure.

EMS Air-Flow

Modern, minimally invasive prophylaxis and guided biofilm therapy ensures efficient biofilm removal. This ensures your teeth cleaning much faster, efficiently and comfortably.

Philips Zoom Whitespeed

WhiteSpeed’s LED technology significantly speeds up the bleaching process, delivering predictable results that you’ll get in just one visit.

Magnification Dentistry

Our dentists use high magnification loupes as routine and microscopes as required. This ensures we can see the finest details and scrutinise our results to the highest degree.

Laser Dentistry

We carry out many procedures using state of the art dental lasers which mean that more invasive surgery is avoided.

Plasma PRP

PRP therapy is a simple and predictable technology that uses the body's own regenerative potential to improve and accelerate natural recovery for patients

Intraoral Scanner Technology

Safe and accurate as the scanner does not emit any harmful radiation and produces a scan by capturing the exact contours of your teeth. With 3D imaging, the system takes thousands of high-definition photos in just a few seconds. The software then stitches these images together to create a 3D representation of your mouth. This technology doesn’t just make your experience more comfortable—it also helps your dentist provide more accurate diagnosis and prevent problems.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Cone Beam Imaging systems that now produce 3-D, high definition x-rays faster than ever before in just seconds instead of several minutes. They also deliver exceptionally clear panoramic images so that our doctor can accurately diagnose problems and determine appropriate treatment.